Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 5- Something You Wore

The Day 5 challenge seemed so simple to me I took a picture as soon as I woke up. 

This is the tiny monkey, one of them, that are on my fleece pajama pants. Something I wore, to bed. Keeping it just a simple and with a piece of material she loves as well Jessica took a picture of her favorite coat. 

Almost close in color, don't tell her though because she hates pink, they also have keeping us warm in common. This challenge was easy enough and took only a few minutes. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 4- LetterBox

When I first looked at the Day 4 challenge, I'm not going to lie, I Googled it. LetterBox? Who calls it that? Apparently more people than I was familiar with, but anywho a mailbox is really all it is. Two awesomely cool pictures came out of this challenge. Jessica got more of the old school home picture and I got a picture for those in the apartment life style.



See what I mean? I really like them both, with the effects we chose they both look vintage. Too bad this is the email generation!!

Day 3- Something You Adore

When I looked at the Day 3 challenge I was super excited, I knew just what I was going to take a picture of. Now most of you are probably thinking she took a picture of her boyfriend, WRONG you all are. And I was glad that Jessica had the same idea I did when thinking of this challenge. Now mind you, we don't tell each other what we are going to take pictures of. That would ruin all the fun of the game, but I guess you can say we are besties for a reason since we came up with a similar picture.



Guess even when you're older, you're still just a kid inside! :-D

Day 2 - Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You hear that statement all the time but for most of us though, breakfast is hard to get to. You're either waking up too late or you open your fridge dead early in the morning to realize there isn't anything breakfast worthy in it! Guess that's what happened to me in this situation. Except when I didn't find anything in my fridge, I turned to my kitchen cabinets.



Yes, as you can see Jessica's smooth warm green tea sure kicks my breakfast's ass. I have terrible eating habits, which include dessert for breakfast apparently. In this challenge I salute Jessica for her healthy breakfast and awesome picture as well. Every time I see it, I just want to dunk my cookie it in and then take a sip!

Day 1 - You

So DAY 1 of our photo challenge was a picture of ourselves. Easy enough huh?



You would never guess by looking, but we are both girls who really don't care much for taking pictures of ourselves. Let's blame it on media and diva's who think they are hotter than life; however tho, I don't think we do a shabby job. Day 1 of the challenge and we prove we are smoking hot!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I think I've become like most of the people in the world today. Since I have an iPhone, or a phone with a camera, I've become obsessed with taking pictures every day if not all day everyday. My best friend Jessica seems to be in the same boat, although I think I take more pictures than she does. Her's are usually nice and make more sense, mine often are senseless but still fun.

At the beginning of March, we decided to have even more fun than we already have with our iPhone cameras. Looking online I found something called a Photo Challenge. The challenge is to take a picture everyday of whatever was on the challenge list. 31 days = 31 pictures. I wish I would have started this blog on day one, it would have been easier and more fun to have others follow along. However, when I first started this blog I wanted it to be just about writing. It's hard to write about writing, hell it's hard to just write. So I decided to do what I do best, write, and do it with pictures!

Me and my best friend Jessica!